Non Slip Decking

Composite Decking – Nearest to Non Slip Decking

It is near impossible to create affordable non slip decking boards. Beware any decking supplier claiming to supply non slip decking as there is really no such thing as non-slip decking or anti-slip decking. This is why we do not refer to composite decking boards as non slip decking, instead our Composite Decking boards can best be described as slip resistant.

Composite decking is a quality slip resistant decking product. As with the majority of flooring products, Composite Decking will lose some slip resistance when wet, but still meets the minimum “low potential for slip” requirement as set out by the HSE. For the decking boards to maintain traction levels it is important that the decking board is designed to allow for good drainage and that the deck surface is kept as clean and free from debris as possible.

Non Slip Decking or Slip Resistant

Composite decking is reversible and either surface can be used. The grooved surface gives more drainage than the ribbed side therefore will work better in mainly wet or high foot-traffic environments, however, both sides of the board are classified as low potential for slip (tests carried out by an independent body on random samples). Due to the variable nature of natural and recycled materials used in the manufacture of composite decking boards, slip resistance results will vary slightly from batch to batch.

For projects which require additional traction e.g. such as ramps, care homes or projects for the disabled, additional anti-slip inserts can be provided (extra charges will apply).

Non slip decking or slip resisitant

Most traditional wood decking suppliers suggest jet washing as the best way to clean hard and softwood deck; unfortunately, jet washing wood essentially opens the surface which, in turn, creates even more absorbency adding to the potential for slipping. As well opening the surface and absorbing water , it  will have a greater tendency for mould to form on the boards and to penetrate into the wood.Whilst you may wash the mould off the surface, thespores stay within the wood and will quickly re-appear.

Jet washing composite decking, on the other hand, is the perfect solution .