Decking Glossary

Decking Glossary
Composite Decking glossary and overview of terminology used when constructing decking.

ATop Decking Subframe Atop Decking Subframe
DECKING Composite Decking boards the main flooring of a deck also known as deck boards
NEWEL POST A vertical component to which balustrading is connected.
BALUSTRADING Upright railing between newel posts to create a feature or barrier.
SPINDLE Upright railing used between posts.
HAND RAIL Rail section used to cap/finish balustrading.
BALUSTER RAIL Upper and lower rail sections of balustrade to which balusters are fixed.
STAIR STRING An inclined member that supports stair treads and risers.
RISER A vertical board used to close the gap at the front of a step between treads.
TREAD The horizontal boards of each step.
FASCIA Decking Boards used to clad the outer subframe to finish of your project.

Below the subframe Below the subframe
OVERSITE The area below a decking
FOOTING A solid pad that takes the weight of the decking
SUPPORT POST A vertical component that sits on a pad or in a concrete footing.
BEAM The main horizontal support
JOIST Multiple horizontal support components that the deck boards are fixed to.
MINI JOIST HANGER Enables joists to be connected to beams so that both edges of the components are flush.
LEDGER BOARD A beam fixed to a building or wall to support the deck structure.
STRUCTURAL FITTING / BOLT Long robust bolts or screws for securing subframe components and newel posts.