Decking Calculator

Decking Calculator


Unfortunately we are experiencing a small techinical glitch with our online decking calculator. We hope to have it fully functioning as soon as possible.

Below is the simple formula to help you calculate your composite decking requirements (it is actually the formula we use in the office to prepare our quotes)

Simply multiply the number of square metres by 2 to get the number 3.6mtr long boards you will need.

e.g. Area to be decked 20 sq mtrs x 2 = 40 x 3.6 mtr boards

N.B: 1 sq mtr = 7.2 boards

Calculating the number of screws:

Multiply the sq mtrs by 40 (number of screws required per sq mtr) divided by quantity in a box (200) to get the number of boxes.

20 sq mtrs x 40 = 800 screws (4 boxes)