What is Composite Deck Boards

Composite deck boards have been scientifically tested and verified to outperform timber and all other wood decking products against a range of criteria.

Ingredients used in Composite deck boards   Recycled ingredients used in composite decking  Ingredient for composite decking boards

Where AT® composite deck boards cannot be beaten is in the quality of the materials and the extrusion process itself.

Plastic content is High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) sourced only in the UK to the highest specification combined with high quality beech wood ‘flour’.

Beech wood ‘flour’ is used as the fibre content and is processed to a very high and demanding specification.

Hardwood Beech ‘flour’ gives the best consistency of strength and colour-fast properties possible, unlike softwood or multi-sourced natural fibres which are used in many imported products.

UK Composite supply high quality wood polymer composite (WPC) products that are manufactured in the UK.

WPC is a synergistic blend of plastic and wood giving the best properties of both and eliminating many of the normal drawbacks generally found with wood or plastic alone.

Examples of WPC applications include: Decking, walkways, outdoor furniture, balconies, marinas, planters, fencing and stairwells.

AT® Composite deck boards are solid (not hollow) for added strength and durability. Composite decking  will be an investment you will love.

Ecodek® WPC products contain a high percentage of recycled materials making Composite Decking an environmentally friendly product as well as a long-lasting one.

It is from these raw ingredients we create our stunning composite deck boards.

Creating Stunning Composite Deck Boards from Waste.

composite deck boards range

Going Green with Composite Boards

Choosing AT® composite deck boards won’t cost the environment as the board is made from reclaimed hardwood and polymer from recycled polyethylene(usually plastic milk bottles).

Less energy and resources are used in the manufacture of composite boards than for recycled plastic decking resulting in less carbon emissions and less impact on the environment.

AT® Composite boards also has a built-in resistance to moisture, eliminating the need for staining or sealants, therefore there will be no nasty chemicals leaching into soil or ponds.

Since 2011 the materials used in composite decking products have achieved FSC® and PEFC certification meaning customers can be assured that all the wood fibres used in our products come from sustainable and well managed forests.