Decking Calculation

Decking Calculation for Composite Decking Boards

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Ensure you have the following information to hand:

  • the size of the area you wish to deck
  • the colour you require
  • your post code
  • contact details
  • an accessible email address (so we can email your quote to you)

Orders can only be dispatched to addresses in the UK at this time. All orders will be processed within 24 hours.

*Remember when you buy our composite decking you are buying a solid product (not hollow or honeycombed to cut costs) and more importantly UK made.

Calculating your Composite Decking Requirements.

Determine the Square metre of the area if it is an odd shape measure it as a square or rectangle.
If more than one area add the areas together to make one.
Area 1 = 3 x3
Area 2 = 2 x 2

Total area to be decked 5×5 =25sq mtrs

Long hand way to calculate number of boards:

Total area = 5 x 5 = 25 sqr mtrs x 7.2 (number of mtrs in a square mtre of our boards) = 180 linear metres (divided by)/ 3.6 (board length to get the number of boards you will require) =50 x 3.6 mtr boards (you will need to round up to nearest whole number if not a whole board, e.g. 49.6 becomes 50) multiply 50 by 3.6 to get the new number of linear mtrs i.e 50 x 3.6 = 180 linear mtrs

The shorthand way to calculate number of boards:

Multiply square mtrs x 2 e.g. 34 sq mtrs x 2 = 64 boards (@ 3.6 mtr long)

For screws work on the basis of 40 per square mtr (available in boxes of 200)

Multiply the number of sq mtrs by 40 eg: 34 x 40 = 1360 (you will need to round up to the nearest 200) = 1400 screws divided by 200 means you will need 7 boxes.

You can contact us on 01978 354316  or email or you can use our contact form here  and we will calculate it for you.

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